December 22, 2015

12 Days Of Christmas | Festive Wrapping Paper

Although Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, I am one of these people who prefers the giving part of it. Putting lot’s of thought into people’s presents, wrapping them nicely, and surprising special people in your life is one of the most wonderful things about Christmas. I always feel so satisfied when the presents are all bought and wrapped ready for the 25th  although in my family the presents only pop under the tree at Christmas night. Since I already have all my presents bought and wrapped (since day 18 I think) I thought I’d share some of my wrapped presents with you on day 10 of my Christmas series, in order to inspire you a little bit if you lack a little in that department or just to give you some simple and easy ideas!

I hope this has inspired you, or if you just like to have a nosey at how people decorate presents, then this has fulfilled that desire for you.
Have you done all your Christmas shopping? How do you usually wrap your presents?


  1. Nice love the creative touch that you do to the gifts

  2. Que coisas tão adoráveis. Gosto mesmo do que fazes Madalena;)
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  3. Oh so cute thw lights!!

    xx L.

  4. You've wrapped the presents so creatively, well done! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. Very creative! I like how each present is wrapped slightly differently. I usually use the same paper for each present, so no one feels left out hahaha but it looks boring in comparison

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  6. Such cute way to wrap your gifts.
    So cool!

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  8. Aww, your presents are wrapped so beautifully! x Personally, I'm pretty bad at wrapping stuff, haha. But I like putting lots of little decorations and things! x


  9. Incredibly sweet and nice! Really like them :) Beijinhos!

  10. Awww, obrigado querida :D

    Adorei os embrulhos. Sem dúvida que algo oferecido assim faz toda a diferença :D

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  11. Estão super giros! Na minha família os presentes também só aparecem na noite de 24! Boas festas!

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  13. Uma boa forma de embrulhar os presentes!

  14. Olá querida e obrigada pela visita no blog :) Adorei poder conhecer e já estou a seguir-te :) Adorei estes papéis de presente :D
    Beijinhos e Feliz Natal!

  15. Such cute gifts wraps! I love that you are so creative. & giving is my favourite part too!

  16. the paper ornaments are so cuuute...

  17. i love those little fairy lights! Did you make them out of paper? xx

  18. These look so cute and lovely!!:D

  19. Tão giros, gostei imenso de embrulhos mais "trabalhados" Feliz Natal ❤

  20. Super schön eingepackte Geschenke. Ich freue mich immer total über die Geschenke an Weihnachten oder an sonstigen festen. Wenn sie dann auch noch so wunderschön eingepackt sind, steigt dir Vorfreude noch viel größer sie endlich auspacken zu können :)

    Liebe Grüße & ein schönes Weihnachtsfest

  21. Tão giros os presentes.

  22. Adorei muito criativo
    Bela postagem, parabéns...
    te seguindo aqui no blog
    Posso te esperar lá no meu blog

  23. i felt sucha connection reading this blog post, as myself this year enjoyed so much more giving than recieving. Maybe it was the fact that it's the first year i put so much thought and effort into each gift i gave. It gave me a rush as i watched my love ones open their gift! I aswell put so much thought into wrapping them. but i love you creativity!

    i just started my own blog, maybe you guys can check it out? :D it'll mean the world to me!!
    xoxo - from California <3

  24. Apesar de já termos passado o Natal, adorei as luzinhas de papel :)
    Super originais!

    um beijinho*
    Dreams and Lemonade


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