May 07, 2016

Party Season

The sun comes out, the hot weather starts and automatically the festive season is on! Proms, weddings, graduation, parties and galas every other month and we just want to shine on all of them with the most astonishing look that we can afford. Today I'm bringing some suggestions of brands that offer a great range of options for special occasions to make you feel and look like the best dressed everywhere you go.

Princess Polly

So many beautiful options from jumpsuits to dresses, this Australian online boutique offers you great fashion and great prices. If you have a wedding or a fancy party - or if you just want something beautiful to wear in an everyday basis, you'll find some beautiful options in their website that you'll find yourself wishing for more events this season.

This portuguese brand is one of my favourite shops when it comes to pick out the perfect outfit for a pecial event, specially weddings. They offer a great range of jumpsuits, dresses, pants and tops for a great price and a bonus? For sure no one will be wearing the same dress as you are!

Miss Guided
I don't even need to present you this brand and everything that it offers. If you're looking for a dress, you can easy your search by using one of the many filters to help you picking what's the best dress for each occasion - from prom to cocktail, you will literally find everything just one click away.

Be You Be Beautiful
Another great Portuguese brand, BYBB is a great option for cool and sophisticated women. They always produce their pieces in a limited quantity so it will be really hard not to stand out from the crowd with their original dresses and jumpsuits inspired by the Australian lifestyle.

White Fox Boutique
Another Australian online fashion boutique, White Fox is one of the websites where I spent a lot of my time searching for inspiration and just scrolling through everything. I am always in love with their playsuits and dresses and I'm pretty sure you'll too - because, let's be honest, it's impossible not to be.

This stylish Australian brand is a perfect choice for some younger stylish closets, including dresses, playsuits, shorts and two-pieces! This brand is one of my favourites because of its inspirational lookbook where you can find some ideas on how to style your dream dress. Besides that, all the pieces are super trendy and the colour palette is just perfect.

Chic by Choice
If you have a huge event every other week you probably don't want to bankrupt just in just one fancy dress (because you don't want to use the same dress for all the 371 events) but at the same time, you still want to be super well-dressed at every party that you attend. This is why Chic by Choice is the perfect option for you: you rent a designer dress for a great price, you look amazing and you don't smash your wallet.


  1. On point! This is so nice!

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  2. Tantos vestidos bonitos... E macacões! OMG! E eu que tenho um casamento daqui a um mês e tu já me ajudaste a escolher qualquer coisita.

    Love, Marie Roget | Marie Roget Shop

  3. Que peças lindas! Apaixonei-me totalmente pelo macacão da kaoâ woow <3
    beijinhos, The Fancy Cats

  4. All of these picks are so gorgeous! Xx

  5. Some of these outfits look amazing! those KAOA styles look amazing! I've never seen anything like them before!!x


  6. A Princess Polly tem peças fantásticas, gosto de tudo! Gostei muito das tuas escolhas, são todos looks bonitos! Beijinhos

  7. Wow they look so pretty! If you'd like, join my give away:)


  8. Muito, muito obrigado minha querida :D
    Exatamente como me vesti ontem :P Só foi preciso umas botas e um casaco mais quente :D

    Que sugestões belíssimas. Confesso que os playsuits me suscitaram mais atenção :D

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  9. Adorei, todas as escolhas são lindas!

    Sou Patrícia

  10. I like your blog, its really dope.
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  11. As peças são lindas, já só falta o bom tempo :D

  12. Tanta coisa linda madalena, adorei os vestidos curtos, que são mais o meu estilo, e os macacões...trazia uns quantos para casa :D.

  13. Queria conseguir pôr em palavras escritas o quanto adorei este post! Ficou perfeito Madalena! Tirei IMENSAS ideias:) Obrigada pela partilha:)

  14. Sabo Skirt is the best! Love it.


  15. Gorgeous inspo... thanks for sharing

    Filipa xxx | Instagram

  16. Great picks.. Thanks for sharing!

  17. As 3 primeiras encheram o meu coração... Adoro, adoro, adoro! Beijinho,
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  18. beautiful blog!!!

  19. adorei as inspirações !
    - os brincos são da primark linda :)
    with love KATE ❤️

  20. The outfits are nice! Thanks for sharing these ideas, Madalena. :)

  21. Oh I love all! Great ideas, thanks for sharing dear! Love, A

  22. Fiquei perdida com a primeira loja. Que sonho. E tenho mesmo compras do género para fazer =)

  23. Wonderful blog! I love and i follow your blog, please follow me too

  24. Beautiful dresses!

  25. amazing selection!

    have a nice day

  26. OMG tanta roupa linda!
    E eu que tenho um casamento dia 28 e ainda não encontrei nenhum :c
    Obrigada por estas sugestões!
    Beijos, boa semana*
    Sweet Little Lady | Last Post

  27. WOW ! I'm super in love with the design of you blog ! I'm simply not able to change the way my blog looks like :( I can't even make a menu :D

  28. Mesmo sendo raro os eventos a que vou adoro este tipo de vestidos, cada um mais bonito que o outro!

    Beijinhos, Hellen

  29. Amei todas as escolhas que trouxeste! Mas o primeiro macacão branco é lindo!
    Giveaway no meu blog, participa! :) <3


  30. Prom was a long time ago for me, but wouldn't it be fun to wear a jumpsuit?!

    xx Yasmin

  31. first of all I love your blog so much and I love everything on this list mostly misguided and Bybb!! Thanks for sharing this amazing post

  32. Yaaassss it's time to go out in the sun! I would love to wear that black jumpsuits!

  33. You're totally right, this gorgeous time of year brings with it so many fab celebrations :) I adore the mass of pastel colours and cute designs you've featured in this post, you have such a great eye! My favourite dresses are definitely those from the Missguided and Princess Polly sections.

  34. Ahahah também és NY addicted?! OMG, somos tão parecidos :D

    Acho que ias gostar muito de o experimentar. Ainda há a revista à venda portanto não percas a oportunidade :P

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  35. MissGuided é a minha perdição!!! Não sei como vou resistir ficar muito mais tempo sem comprar lá nada =)

    Pink Ivory Makeup ɷ

  36. I love all of these party dresses! They look fabulous! I love all of the sequins. They give such a nice pop.

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner


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